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We are an official Garrett reseller. Below are our most popular products. If you are after something else in their range, simply visit the Garrett website, find your part number and contact us about pricing.

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Garrett GT28 380hp Garrett GT28 380hp

Supports up to 380hp. Internal wastegate.
Suits Nissan SR20 and CA18. A popular choice when converting from a non-turbo engine.

Our Price: $1,550.00
Garrett GTX3540 750hp Garrett GTX3540 750hp

Supports up to 750hp.
Mazda 1300 wagon street car 13B, stock FC engine at 10psi - 11.4.

Our Price: $1,750.00
Garrett GTW 900hp Garrett GTW 900hp

Supports up to 900hp.
Mazda RX-4 street car 13B at 23psi - 9.9 / 137mph.

Our Price: $1,950.00
Garrett GTX42R 1000hp Garrett GTX42R 1000hp

Supports up to 1000hp.
A popular choice with our customers.

Our Price: $3,250.00
Garrett GTX47R 1300hp Garrett GTX47R 1300hp

Supports up to 1300hp.
We have run 7.88 at 175mph with our 13B RX-8.

Our Price: $4,750.00

Today, Garrett continues to redefine the art and science of boosting technology with advanced air management systems for the full spectrum of modern engines.

Garrett Performance Turbochargers

Garrett's ball bearing cartridge has proven its worth in the highest level of motorsports where it has been the bearing system of choice in F1, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, World Rally Championship, Global Rally Cross, Gymkhana Grid, NHRA Drag Racing, Time Attack, and most recently winning multiple Professional Drifting Championships like Formula Drift and Drift Allstars Europe . These premier racing customers demand no less than the best in durability, reliability, and power on demand.